Calling All KIMEP Alumni! Join the KIMEP Alumni Cohorts Challenge
As the first round of the KAEF'24 grant competition wraps up, KIMEP's committees are thoroughly evaluating candidates based on academic achievements, English proficiency, and financial needs. This is a vibrant period of smart and strategic philanthropy across our community.

At the KAEF gala auction on May 24, 2024, Murat Koshenov, Badu Abdrukhmanova, Aigul Salimova, and Daniyar Tarsunkulov from the class of 1998 secured a Named Scholarship, sparking the KIMEP Alumni Cohorts Challenge.

This initiative invites all alumni to support the KAEF Social Elevator educational grants program.
Here’s how you can make a difference:
Contact KAEF:
Email us or use messaging platforms. We're here to help you mobilize your graduating class and kickstart the fundraising.
WhatsApp: +7(778)541-97-73
Share Information:
Promote KIMEP Alumni Cohorts Challenge in your alumni group chats and social networks to build awareness and support.
Form a Team:
Gather classmates and friends to form a team—the greater the participation, the greater the impact.
Make contributions to KAEF through Kaspi, Halyk or Forte, while KAEF will be tracking your cohort's progress and seeing other cohorts’ contributions.
Promote Further:
Use social media, alumni gatherings, or direct outreach to encourage more classmates to join.
Initiate a Grant:
When your cohort has raised 5 million KZT, KAEF will help you to choose a person to support among new or current KAEF scholars.
Important Financial Information:
  • The cost of one academic credit for the 2024-2025 academic year is 126,710 KZT.

  • KIMEP recommends 32 credits for the first year of study, and a full undergraduate degree requires 146 credits.
  • Even small contributions from a cohort member can create a new educational opportunity for a freshman from the regions. By August, KIMEP freshmen could be embarking on their academic journey.
  • Supporting a student from Kazakhstan’s regions isn't just a financial commitment—it’s a profound social contribution.
Contact us:
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Challenge Accepted? Which cohort will lead the way in transforming lives through education? 🎓🌍
Join us in this noble cause, make a lasting impact, and help us shape the future leaders of tomorrow!
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