Now it's time to thank our alma mater and support the future generation of young leaders. We strive to give KIMEP students outstanding educational opportunities that will change their lives for the better!
Dulatbek Ikbayev
Managing Partner McKinsey

BSc Finance 2005

How endowments work

Philanthropists' donations are invested so that the KIMEP Alumni Endowment Fund has an annual income that can be spent on statutory goals while the “body of capital” remains unchanged.

The KAEF is a non-profit organization: none of the founders of the fund receive any monetary compensation for their work at the fund, while a financial activity is transparent and reflected in the annual report.


Philanthropists and partners make donations
Accumulation and Investment
Donations are invested according to the Investment Policy

KAEF receives income and reinvests donations

The income is used to support the KIMEP's development and to issue scholarships for prospective students.
Fund Goals
  • 1
    Support to applicants from vulnerable social groups, providing scholarships and monthly scholarships. This will expand opportunities for young talented people from all over the country (mainly from small towns and cities) to receive high-quality education.
  • 2
    Help KIMEP to become one of the leading educational institutions
    and join TOP-50 univeristies by 2030.
  • 3
    Promote the concept of endowments in Kazakstan.
Grant Program
September 2022:
KIMEP Alumni Endowment Fund created

In September 2022 a few KIMEP alumni decided to create the KIMEP Alumni Endowment Fund which could help to develop both the university and its students.

May 2023:
The First Fundraising
Gala Dinner
The first fundraising event was a success helping to raise money for the first 10 scholarships
July 2023:
The First Scholarship Applications
In July 2023, KAEF received 103 grant applications. The admissions committee reviewed the applicants' portfolios and 24 applications that received an "excellent" rating were forwarded to the KAEF Board of Trustees for consideration.
August 2023:
The First Scholarships Awarded

10 first-year students were given the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree with the financial support of KAEF. Thanks to the fund's scholarships, students will be able to fully focus on their studies without worrying about their living expenses.

KAEF Grantees of 2023
Amanzhol Ilyas
Baymagambetov Daniar
Erkin Aigerim
Ivanova Maria
Kerimova Damina
Kudaibergen Zeynep
Lysenko Arina
Smagulova Amina
Tasbolatova Aruzhan
Yzbasar Asem
KIMEP Alumni Endowment Fund: helping more students to get an education that changes society
KIMEP Magazine interview

It all started in May 2022 during an alumni dinner with the KIMEP administration. Dr. Bang — the University rector — gave a speech about the history of KIMEP. Since the establishment of the university in 1992 the focus has been on creating an institution that would provide world-class education in Kazakhstan.

A university that could provide access to quality education in English without the need to study abroad.

A university that would give the majority of students the opportunity to change their lives for better.


We believe that now is the right time to support our alma mater — KIMEP — and the university's students, who will receive a world-class education.

  • Dulatbek Ikbayev
    BSc Finance 2005
    Managing Partner at McKinsey
  • Arman Gubaydullin
    BSc Management 2004
  • Dauren Alybayev
    BSc Finance 2004
  • Aslan Shangutov
    BSc Finance 2005
  • Anarbek Gilmanov
    BSc Finance 2004
Annual Report
Bank Account Information

Bank Name: АО «Народный Банк Казахстана»


IIN: 220940023726

Account Number: KZ16601A861015404861

Beneficiary Code: 18


Валюта: KZT

The first KAEF annual report will be published here at the end of 2023.
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