What is a KIMEP Alumni Endowment Fund grant?

Kimep Alumni Endowment Fund is a public organization created by KIMEP graduates that helps young leaders from all over the country receive a modern, high-quality education at this university.

The KIMEP Alumni Endowment Fund provides full-tuition grants and a monthly stipend for the duration of their studies to talented applicants from regional schools who are ready to excel in their studies at KIMEP.

In 2024, up to 20 applicants from all over the Republic of Kazakhstan can become grant holders

Stages of the grant competition
Stage #1 01.05.24 - 15.06.24
The first stage of our grant competition consists of submitting a portfolio of required academic and financial documents, a resume, a motivational essay and a video.
Stage #2 01.07.24 - 15.07.24
Candidates who have passed the second stage of selection will be invited for an individual interview in English with members of the KAEF Board of Trustees.

You are our candidate if:
  • You are active and a great student

  • You have the “Altyn Belgi” distinction or have won an international/national Olympiad in the last 3 years

  • You know English well enough to learn and live in it, or are ready to quickly catch up

  • Your family cannot afford to pay for your education at KIMEP

Find out detailed information in the document REGULATIONS ON THE EDUCATIONAL GRANTS PROGRAM OF THE PUBLIC FUND "KIMEP Alumni Endowment Fund"

KIMEP Students with KAEF status 2023-2027

  1. Lyssenko Arina
  2. Baimagambetov Daniyar
  3. Smagulova Amina
  4. Kudaibergen Zeinep
  5. Ivanova Maria
  6. Izbassar Assem
  7. Tasbolatova Aruzhan
  8. Kerimova Damina
  9. Yerkin Aigerim
  10. Amanzhol Iliyas

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Successful KIMEP graduates
  • Deputy Chairman of the Council for Attracting Investments of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    Aset Irgaliev
    BAE 2008
  • Managing Partner, McKinsey&Company in Central Asia Founder of KAEF
    Dulatbek Ikbaev
    BSc Finance 2005
  • Deputy Chairman of the Board of Halyk Bank
    The Best CFO 2023
    Murat Koshenov
    MBA 1998
  • APEC Training Centre
    Advisory board member
    Mariyash Aibasova
    MBA 2012
  • General Director of Kazakhmys Smelting
    Zhanibek Baygabelov
    BSC 2006
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